Feria (Fetti) - 3.5g - Flower (Green Dragon)
Flower | Green Dragon

Feria (Fetti) - 3.5g - Flower (Green Dragon)

Total THC30.0%
Total CBD0.1%

AKA The Fetti and 2020 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup 1st Place Winner. Speculated to be perhaps a Pie Hole or Cherry Pie & OGKB crossed with 'Secret' Cake or 'Secret' Cookies or both. Creamy, sweet, piney, heavy hitting with lingering sweetness. Frosty, large, dense structure with primary earthiness undertones of refreshing mint notes. Perfect balance of earthy and sweet with a colorful confetti like appearance. Dusted in trichcomes to the naked eye. Sedative, completely relaxing with an overbearing sense of sleepiness.


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